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Cranky Cats: Approach with Caution!

Beware of the cat!

Will you look at this cat! You’d swear she was smiling 🙂  And there’s no ‘digital manipulation’ involved. I can barely manage to post a picture, let alone twiddle about with it. What a darling you may be thinking; what a sweetie. You’d swear butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. And you’d be… WRONG!


Her name is Milo, and she’s been coming here since the year 2000 – in other words, sixteen years; she’s an old bat now. But when she arrives, I still have to lever the front of her cat box off with a piece of wire. If my hands go anywhere near it, she’ll have my fingers off at the wrist. Do I get danger money in this job? I wish!

Of course, many cats are stressed by the drive, but Milo is barely eight minutes in the car. I know this because I used to live across the park from her. (Actually, you can do the journey in four minutes flat if your son phones up and tells you that your daughter has set her bedroom curtains on fire).

Milo’s a shocker! She hisses and spits, and doesn’t hesitate to use her claws. And pitiful though it may sound, there’s been more than one occasion when I’ve had to use the broom to get the litter tray in and out of her pen. But she calms down eventually…in a week or two…and I love her to bits.

Kena, who has gone to the Great Soft Cushion in the Sky now, was another guest not to be trifled with. She was an Abyssinian, a feisty breed at the best of times, and I think this photo sums her up better than any words can…


Kena was far better mannered when accompanied by the Mrs or Miss in her family, than the Mr. Then she behaved outrageously. They’d arrive here, the cat simmering with rage in her cardboard carry box, and him dripping blood from multiple wounds. Oh, she was a horror! She used to lean down from her shelf and swat at me with unsheathed claws, as I grovelled about on the floor cleaning her pen. But Kena would settle down too, eventually. And then would come the day for her to go home. Eek! Both the Mr. and I would stand at the door of her pen, each trying  to edge behind the other so as not to be the one who had to deal with her. Or we’d cook up elaborate plans involving blankets, towels, and distractions. Of course Kena knew she had us bluffed, and it never worked…

Variety is the spice of life, they say – and to date, I still have all my fingers 🙂

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