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The new garden is doing well!

Described by a visiting zoo keeper (!!) as ‘a brilliant example of a safe yet stimulating environment for a captive species’, at Miss Jane’s Cattery we want your cats stay with us to be thoroughly enjoyable; a bush holiday!  There are high places and low places; hidey holes and viewing platforms; comfy beds and climbing frames. And a new garden planted with cat grasses, cat nip, and other cat friendly plants. How about a spot of fishing in the pond? Or an evening watching Mouse TV?  And there are always sheep, kangaroos, birds, and other wildlife coming to drink at the water troughs outside.

And best of all, because my workshop adjoins the cattery, all I have to do is open the door, and the cats can spend as much time with me as they choose ♥♥♥

We love our food! And like to give the cats a bit of variety as well. Our guests have biccies in the morning, and roo meat and (human grade) canned tuna at night. In addition to this, we might offer chicken hearts, necks, lamb kidney, the odd fancy can, and even a hot chook on special occasions. There is rarely anything left in the mornings! Kittens and elderly cats are given ‘wet’ food twice daily, and special diets are catered for – as long as they’re not too special; your cat will have to bring its own twice-smoked antelope fillet, or breast of wild swan! 

It’s said that a picture paints a thousand words, so the best thing to do is visit our gallery page and look at the many photos of the cattery and our guests doing their thing…having fun!

About Miss Jane’s Cattery

Formally associated with Foothills Kennels, which closed in 2013 after twenty years of caring for Geraldton’s pets, Miss Jane’s Cattery reopened in November 2015. 

Freshly renovated, while retaining its delightfully eccentric charm, Miss Jane’s Cattery offers  quirky and quality cat boarding, in a beautiful bush setting, for a maximum of fifteen cats. Inspection is welcome!! As are old and new customers!


A single room.



A double room.