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Miss Jane's Cattery. Cat Boarding, Geraldton WA. Cat Gallery.

Cats, Cats and More Cats!

Welcome to Miss Jane’s Cattery Gallery, where you will see photos of some of the best- looking cats you have ever come across 🙂  And also see just what goes on here…why you might even recognise your own cat!

For the most part, cats are not the easiest of photographic subjects! All is good until the camera comes out, and then the best you can hope for is a pained expression, or a suddenly turned away head…but generally, it’s just a blur of fur, and they’re gone. Pft!

But a picture paints a thousand words, and here are some of our guests making themselves comfortable and  taking advantage of all we have to offer at Miss Jane’s Cattery – be it a comfy bed, a spot of bird watching, a frolic in the catnip, mouse TV, morning exercises, or just a gentle contemplation of life. 

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